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Sharon Joy Business Coach for Soul Led W
Sharon Joy Coaching - Business + Mindset Coach for Women

Business + MINDSET coach
for soul-led women

 Helping Coaches, Healers & Soulful Consultants 
get clear and go from swirling to solid 
to create their dream business 

When you go first, the universe goes further
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A bit about me...

I went from being a tired teacher to a full-time traveller and marketing professional to becoming an inspired soulpreneur.


Now living the laptop life, my absolute joy is helping women to live out their dreams by moving them from cloudy to clear in the early stages of their coaching or healing business with the perfect balance of strategy and alchemy. 

I hold a Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Strategic Coaching, host the Joyous Journeys in Life + Business Podcast, am the founder of Studio of Soul- a boutique web design agency for femme brands, am a founding member of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association (ISPA) and an official partner of the popular website platform Wix (Icon Level).

And- I am ready to help you create the life and elevate the business you know you were called here to create!

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Sharon Joy Coaching
 Start-Up Checklist 
The Ultimate Start Up Checklist
Ways to work with me...
Sharon Joy Business Coach for Soul-Led Women

Receive personalised Business Coaching to help you design the business and ultimately the life you truly desire. I will help you tap into what you want to create and together we will establish a plan to have you elevate the business you know you were called here for. Sessions include NLP and are tailored to suit your needs. 3 and 6-month support or one-off appointments available.

Sharon Joy Programs

Establish a solid foundation in your coaching, healing or soulful consulting business! On starting in SOULiD™ you'll find a wonderful community of womxn on a mission, just like you. We'll kick off by establishing your desires and implementing the 8 SOULiD™ Pillars to help you go from cloudy to clear and stay that way! 6 and 12-month memberships available. 

What people are saying...
Julie Tenner - Intimacy & Relationship Coach.jpg
 Julie Tenner 

Working with Sharon has changed my life, literally.


I’ve gone from hustle and an unsustainable business model to a sustainable and scalable model - that she’s walked me through one step at a time to build, so it has never felt overwhelming.


Her dedication to top quality, client-centric, service is second to none. I have always felt held, supported, and guided in every way I’ve needed to scale to a multiple six-figure business.


Thank you Sharon! I adore you!

Intimacy + Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker

Adriana Modersitzski.jpg
 Adriana Modersitzski 

I had a great experience working with Sharon - at times it was confronting, but in the best way possible.


I was stretched just the right amount! The 90-minute sessions were absolutely perfect, and really gave us time to go that bit deeper, screen share back and forth and get into the juicy parts of my needs.


Sharon really held space for me in that 'messy middle' that we both seem to occupy. The meeting of systems and structure....and flow. Soul and strategy coexist in this space, and it's beautiful.

coach for resume writers, Founder of The Elite Collective

Yoga Mums Fitness
 Sharn Watts 

I've absolutely loved working with Sharon for the past 6 months.


She has so much passion, energy and authenticity.


Sharon has really helped me to show up more online and feel confident doing so, she has helped set plans for launches and take my business to the next level.


Sharon is also very understanding that life continuously happens around whatever we do in business which is so important as a Mum.

Founder of
Yoga Mums Fitness

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