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About Sharon Joy...

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 Strategic Coach | Business Consultant  | NLP Practitioner 


I am Sharon Joy and it’s fair to say that transformational journeys are my jam!

I was put on this earth to teach, mentor and coach. It’s my calling and my soul purpose.


In July 2020, during a COVID pivot I started my coaching & website design business helping coaches, consultants, creatives, healers & spiritual women.


I have a background in sales, digital marketing and education and hold a Diploma of Neurolinguistic Programming and Strategic Coaching.

My career started before I had even graduated university as a targeted graduate into a full-time primary teaching position where I was promoted to the role of Assistant Principal 4 years later. I worked in that position for 10 years whilst having my 3 babies and juggling motherhood.


My final 2 years in education were spent in the role of Deputy Principal where I found my calling in communications, social media marketing and project management. When I realised that working with big people was lighting me up more than working with little people and that I was drawn to these kinds of tasks over typically educational tasks, I knew I was headed for a change.

Sharon Joy Business Coaching

something was brewing, I didn't know quite what...

What I did know was that I didn't want to remain in schools until retirement.

In January 2016 my husband Adam and I decided to write a 'Fifty by 50' list, a bucket list of sorts while we drove the Hay Plain on a long road trip. Exactly 12 months later, that list had us manifest a complete life flip.

We decided to sell our home in Sydney, leave our well-paying and "reliable" jobs, move our family of 5 into a caravan and travel Australia. We lived the caravan life for 2 years from May 2017.

My passion for Digital Marketing started as a labour of love as the Digital Marketing Coordinator on a volunteer committee for a small but mighty cancer charity that raised money into the millions.


This passion for social media and communication was amplified in my role as Deputy Principal.

SJ Moon Element.png

My love for social media grew as I shared my family’s travel adventures, growing a following of over 10,000 across a number of social media platforms and inspiring hundreds of families to make changes in their lives by sharing my story.


I monetised my travel blog, Galways Go Round in several different ways over that time, trying my hand at lots of things from product-based sales to influencing and network marketing. This was my first taste of exploring what it was like to be an entrepreneur and be my own boss and I was hooked!


It was during this complete life flip that I also became a personal development junkie investing greatly in my own evolution and holistic wellness.

Prior to launching Sharon Joy Coaching I had a stint as the Australian Marketing Manager and East Coast Sales Manager for a global lifestyle brand. This really cemented my career change out of education, but I really did miss teaching and the soulful connection that I had as an educator.

It was then that I found my love in coaching and creating....

It was then that I found my love in coaching and creating with the launch of my business, coaching & designing websites. I have now separated these 2 arms of my business into Sharon Joy Coaching and Studio of Soul.

I am fascinated by how the brain works, human behavior and relationship. This intrigue and curiosity is a key part of my success as a business & mindset coach, educator and marketing professional.


Teaching, leading and creating is my soul purpose and it feels completely aligned to follow this deep calling and work with the women that I do.


I'm a partner of the popular website platform Wix (Icon level), a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Strategic Coach, Time-based therapist and I'm loathed to admit it but I'm also Reels obsessed!

I love that you're here and if you feel called, I'd love to chat about how we can work together.

Sharon Joy xx
Sharon Joy Business Coach

Bachelor of Teaching (University of Western Sydney)

Institute of Applied Psychology Sydney

Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Strategic Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Master Practitioner

Strategic Coaching

Time-Based Therapy


Raindrop Practitioner (Raindrop Australia)


International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT)


International Strategic Psychotherapists Association (ISPA)

ISPA PSychotherapists
ISPA Psychotherapists
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