Big Bang Branding

Your brand speaks louder than your words and has the power to energetically call in your ideal clients... or not.

What does yours say about you?

Allow me to help you transform pieces of who you are into a whole energetic vibe that has desirable clients swooning and you stepping into your next level best online & in business.

So often I hear women in online business saying all the right things and yet still not achieving the results that they desire. The truth is... their brand speaks much louder than their words. If their brand isn't bangin' the drum for them by speaking to who they are, their work in the world and their 'vibe' then that's often the gap between having the right people leaning in and buying or not.

Here's the thing... when we create a brand what we're really creating is a whole energetic situation that has us uplevel and amplify our voice. Having a brand that we are proud of and that speaks to where we're heading, rather than who we are now, changes our behaviour and has us stepping up and showing up. It ups the stakes and puts more skin in the game. It's only natural when clients see this that they KNOW you MEAN business and they want a piece of your energy.

Just like I talk about treating business as a hobby and getting paid that way, it's the same with branding... if you're not serious about your brand, neither will your clients!

If you are ready to change your brand from two-dimensions to five and be a magnet for the people you know you want in your space, while stepping into the next level version of you, then this is for you!


All of my best tips, tricks, transformational branding courses and resources are included in this bundle!



Over 10 videos, you'll learn about: how to discover and reveal more about YOU, choosing the right vibe, colours, fonts, assets and what to do with them, what to wear to align with your brand, photographic tips and tricks as well as pointers on which pics to use where and what makes a great pic as well as how to use social media and websites to amplify your brand voice.

I've heard enough...

Want more details? No problem, here they are...

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 10 x learning modules including: Revealing YOU, It's just "The Vibe", I've got a branding kit, now what?, Photos: When to get profesh pics and when/how to take your own, Branding on socials and the last module, Your Website: scoring a home run. 

This is for you if…

  • You have been putting your offers out there but you're not getting any bites

  • You have an online, service-based business or a personal brand for your business or work

  • You have a Network Marketing (MLM) business and want to use social media to grow your business

  • You are about to start or early on in your online, service-based or spiritual business

  • You are wanting to up your game on social media to reach new clients

  • You are planning on creating a website in the near future and want to nail it first go

  • You want to stand out online but not sure how

  • You're not keen on investing in a graphic designer to create your visual vibes and want to go it alone

  • You want a brand that truly reflects who you are, what you're here to do and where you're going

  • You've been hiding behind a logo or a business name and ready to step out from behind the shadows and be seen


    You've received a branding kit but not quite sure how to use it to communicate your brand to your audience. 

Total Value over $700 


Please note that this program is now an evergreen course meaning that it is in self-study mode and not delivered as a live round. 

Are you ready?



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