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4 ways to combat tech wrangling

Does tech wrangling grind your gears?

I regularly hear women entrepreneurs talking their tech prowess down and saying that it's a point of weakness in their business. They often say that their skills are limited and not having the same can-do approach that they apply to the rest of their business.

Let me say straight up, I totally get the frustration that is technology and its application! I promise that even though I design websites, it doesn't always work seamlessly for me either.

Here are 4️ key things that can help you get ahead of the game and avoid unnecessary


1️. Choose tech that syncs between your computer and phone. My preference is always Mac for this but you might be surprised to know that I don't use Safari on my computer or phone... I'm Chrome all the way for browsing and I recommend that my clients use Chrome too.

2️. Spend time in the settings of all devices and applications. This isn't 1997! You're not likely to make a huge irreversible error that wipes everything (You'll usually get a red warning before that happens 😉). Fish around and see what you can do and change to make things easier for you.

3️. Set up your devices and applications for seamless performance. Having shortcuts, bookmarks, focus and notification settings and booking systems all set up correctly is going to avoid headaches. If you're not sure how to do this, then get help!

4️. Re-write your story! Begin to see yourself as someone who is savvy. How does a savvy person think? How do they do things differently? Allow this to influence your choices and mindset. Here's a hint- slow down to speed up!

Sorting tech issues is one of the key topics that clients seek help with when working 1:1 with me and during SOULiD™ Membership group coaching calls. Hit me up on a Discovery Call if you're looking for support with tech.

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