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8 Pillars to help you get clear and turn a profit

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in the to-dos that we forget the basics of business that can have us winning. The main one being CLARITY! Getting clear on the key things that allow us to move the needle forward in business.

Not having clarity can feel like overwhelm, frustration, a guessing game or like most of the time you're throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting to see what sticks - in saying that I truly believe that this has its own place but when it comes to clarity spaghetti and vision don't mix!

There are 8 key pillars that will help you get clear in your business and start to turn your start-up investment in your service-based business into a profit. Here they are with some tips on what to focus on such as questions to ask and actionables...

1. CONNECTING - Strategy & Alchemy

The universe doesn't deliver if we don't ask and the clearer we can get, the more likely we will manifest our desires. Create a crystal clear vision for your life & business. Create tools such as vision boards, vision films and Pinterest boards. Take bold action to move you closer to your vision. Vision + Action = Manifestation. Balance masculine and feminine energy to cultivate flow and ease whilst still driving desires.

2. CALENDAR - Carving out time

Knowing how much time you have to tend to the things that matter most TO YOU will avoid you from falling victim to pushing your priorities to tend to other people's. If your grasp on how precious your time is, is loose then it's very likely your values, desires and goals are slipping through your fingers. Divide up your time using the Rocks, Pebbles, Sand method. Decide what's negotiable and what's not. Manage your time accordingly.

3. CLIENTS - Niching down to call in soulmate clients

Working with soul aligned clients where you know you are having the greatest impact is only going to bring you more JOY and ABUNDANCE. So why not call in more of that? Spend time regularly refining who you are for. Connect with their desires and call them in. See my Notes to Niching Workbook to help you do this.

4. CALCULATIONS - Crunch your numbers and prioritise profit

If you're not working towards turning your services into a profit then you have a hobby, not a business. #readthatagain The good news is you can choose to shift gears and turn that around! Review whether the time you have available to tend to you business and actually serve your clients x the price you charge = your money goal or there abouts. If it's way off then it's time to go back to the drawing board. You either need to a. carve out more time b. increase your prices c. change your offerings or d. all of the above. Consider your current revenue streams: which ones generate you the most income with the least amount of overheads and effort? Spend more time focusing on those.

5. CONTENT - a. PIllars b. Planning

Decide on your content pillars. That is 3-5 things you will create content around and where you will deliver your content. Talking about too many things dilutes your potency and translates to white noise. Once you've selected your pillars then consider all of the bite-sized pieces of content that you can create under that umbrella. When it comes to planning your content, go for finding a 'comfortable consistency'. The best way to do that is to refer to your calendar and see what's manageable for you. Make a plan for where you will deliver content, when you will deliver content and what you will focus on.

6. CONTRIBUTION - Giving value and leaving a legacy

The law of reciprocity in action is the art of giving to receive. What value can you provide your clients? What legacy are you leaving? It's time to package it up for your people and put it on the internet for the people who need you to find. One of my favourite soul-led ways to do this is to offer high-value content in exchange for the email addresses of my audience... otherwise known as an opt-in. This is one way that I can get around any social media algorithm and deliver value to the people who have said a resounding YES to my content. People who give you their email address are FAR more likely to buy from you than people who click follow on your socials.

7. CONTINGENCY - Creating a solid foundation

If there's one thing I want my clients and audience to know and learn early in the piece is how not to grow a business on a foundation of quick sand like I did when I first started out. The sooner you identify your bread and butter offerings and refine them, the sooner you can find ways to scale them. There are 2 things I repeatedly ask myself when I'm thinking about my offerings, systems, processes and direction... a. Is it sustainable? b. Is it scaleable? In other words, if it's something that is going to burn me out quicker than I can say $10K months or if it's not something that I can deliver to 100 people as well as I can deliver to 10 then I go back to the drawing board. Sometimes these questions can be addressed by the addition of a system or a process but I'm here for the long, so any time or money spent on this is a wise investment IMO.

8. COMMIT - to yourself, your dreams, your business

If you don't, no one will. Slow down to speed up by staying committed to the other 7 pillars in this list. Develop your own protocols for staying committed at all levels included ways to inspire, ways to reach higher, ways to stay on track, ways to connect with what your soul wants.

Clarity Con is on this weekend (1st - 6th April 2021)! We will be not only taking a deeper dive into these 8 key pillars but more importantly PLANNING around the pillars, giving you absolute clarity and helping you to drive your business in the direction of your dreams. Contact me for more information or to discuss if this program is for you.

Want more? Watch the replay of my Facebook Live on this very topic HERE

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