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  • Sharon Joy

8 Tech tools for online biz

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I love me some new gadgets! But I know that not every new person in business is the same. If you're going to be an online service provider I highly recommend making friends with technology. It's going to save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

When you're starting out as an online coach, consultant, course creator, healer, or spiritual businesswomxn it can be confusing knowing which tools are essential.

Sometimes that can lead to buying things we don't need or use but it can also mean that we fall short in terms of what we do buy and end up spending a fortune because we just didn't get it quite right the first time. Yes that's me!

I've compiled a list of a few of my must-have fav pieces of equipment that I simply couldn't run my business without.

1. Macbook Pro 16"

My absolute number 1 piece of equipment is my Macbook Pro 16" with Touch Bar.

This is my 3rd Macbook since 2004 (Yes, I've been Mac Chic for that long!). I purchased this current model back in March 2018 when I officially launched my first business. It had a tune-up mid-2020 after it went kerplunk but thanks to Apple Care it didn't cost me anything. This computer has literally been halfway around the world with me and still kickin! You've possibly heard me say it before but it's true that once you've had a Mac, you'll never go back! They sync effortlessly with your iPhone and Airpods making everything so easy.

2. iPhone

Number 2 is the latest model iPhone that your contract can handle. In other words if you do what I do and pay off your phone over a 2 year contract then don't delay in updating it when the time comes around.

The latest iPhones have fabulous cameras (be sure to get the model with the best camera) which makes content creation so easy.

3. Apple airpods

Keeping with the Apple love, number 3 is my Airpods. They sync between my iPhone and Macbook but are also great for content creation when I'm on the go and not at my desk with my podcaster mic.

They filter background noise really well and are a much better alternative to the speaker inside the iPhone for making the sound clear.

4. HiRise Laptop Riser

When you spend as much time sitting at a computer as I do, ergonomics is important. I use a HiRise for MacBook to elevate my laptop so that I'm not constantly looking down.

We have 2 of these at home and I find they're much better than the laptop risers that don't have a tilt on them.

Now for me to find the perfect office chair!

5. Wireless Keyboard & mouse

Using a riser for my MacBook Pro means that I need a wireless keyboard & mouse. And yep, you guessed it... Apple all the way for me for these pieces of equipment.

They are easily charged with my iPhone cable and have a really long battery life.

I love the ease of scroll functionality with the Apple mouse too! Although it does take a bit of getting used to.

6. Floor stand selfie light

Selfie lights are one of those pieces of equipment that I've bought more than my fair share, only to find that I'd wasted my money.

My favourites are the ones with a sturdy floor stand like this one.

I also like to be able to adjust the tone and brightness of the light to adjust to the light in the room.

7. Portable tripod stand with mobile phone mount

A handheld selfie stick with a mini-tripod is great for when you're on the go or creating content in places where a floor-standing selfie stick feels a little overkill.

When I'm travelling or at retreats I keep one in my luggage but I also use it when live streaming around the house, away from my desk.

8. Rode USB Podcaster Mic with Boom Arm

My mic is a Rode USB Dynamic Mic and I've coupled it with the Rode Swivel Mount Studio Boom Arm and Rode Shock Mount.

I love that Rode is an Australian brand and also comes highly recommended by my good friend and Podcast Coach Nikki O'Brien of Quintessential Being.

Using a mic helps me to be able to easily re-purpose my content because the sound quality far outweighs that of the in-built MacBook mic.

These are my most favourite tools to help me to create good quality content and have seamless syncs between all the places that my content is kept.

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*This article contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. I never recommend products that I don't use and don't believe 110% in their worth. If you decide that any of these products are for you I greatly appreciate you supporting my business by purchasing via the links.

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