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How to increase income in your soul-led business

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Needless to say, I'm always open for magic money to drop in but I don't plan to grow my business on it! Here are my best tips for not only aligning your frequency in order to manifest abundance but also remain soul-led AND savvy by outlining the levers that you have available to you to pull at any time.

Money Mindset

Along the way, I've learned that we can only manifest abundance at a level that to which our frequency is aligned. In times where I've been fortunate enough to manifest more, I've lost it quickly... I know now that that was the universe's way of showing me that there's more internal work to do. After all, our external world is somewhat a reflection of our internal world. (I say 'somewhat' as I do believe that there are many things over which we have no control- how we respond is a different story though)

Being in the frequency means to not only sit in the energy of already having that level of abundance but it also means how we feel deep within our body when we think about it. If something feels off, then it's back to the drawing board.

If you're like me... raised in a low-middle income family during the recession of the 80s then it's likely that you were served up a series of beliefs around money that need re-programming. This upbringing made me far from being a money manifesting unicorn, that's for sure.

In saying that though, the level of abundance that I've been able to manifest in my business has come as a result of what I call 'closing the circle'. Closing the circle is when we compound our success by hitting small but consistent wins. Each time we 'close the circle' by achieving a money goal, we shift our subconscious programming from impossible to possible and then onto inevitable... where the magic really happens!

Streams of income

One of the biggest mistakes I see soul-led businesswomen make is not knowing which streams of revenue are working for them or how to adjust their income.

If they decide to change these offers without having a handle on how to balance things out then very quickly income drops.

Regularly review the income that each stream is contributing to your business. Measure that against your time and energy and decide which streams should go, which should stay and which ones you can scale. For example, if you enjoy group coaching programs then a membership may be a great way to go.

Knowing the levers to pull

Another one of the big mistakes I see in the soul biz industry is coaches encouraging clients to set pie in the sky money goals without actually showing their clients how to get there.

What ends up happening is when those goals aren’t hit, womxn feel deflated and disappointed. They never get to 'close the circle' and as a result, they spiral deeper into the belief that reaching their dreams of having their own full-time income will never come true. It's a recipe for disaster.

By aligning our vision, time, pricing, and offers we can set the temperature at the right height to set ourselves up for success by setting realistic expectations about what’s actually possible.... and believe that we can actually achieve it!

When we know where the gaps are in our desire vs reality then we can choose the levers to pull to make things balance out.

Let’s have a look at the following example...

Let's say Barbara sets a goal to achieve $10,000 months. She only offers 1:1 sessions and they're $100 each. She has 80 sessions available to book each month which is 20 per week or 4 per day.

That gives Barbara an income ceiling of $8,000 (being 80 x $100 sessions). $2,000 below her desirable amount.

$2,000 extra per month can sound like an awful lot sometimes but when broken down into weeks it's only $500 per week which is $71 per day... not that much when you say it like that, is it?

Barbara has some levers available to pull to leverage her towards that $10K per month goal. The levers are

  1. Carve out more time

  2. Increase her prices

  3. Change up her offerings

  4. Add some group programs to her offers

  5. All or a combo of the above

In this scenario, Barabara isn't likely to be able to carve out more time but she can definitely increase her prices, change up her offers - perhaps by adding some digital products to her business or she could consider introducing some group programs.

How could you apply this in your business to identify the gap between desire and reality and see how you can increase your income?

In summary, 3 key ways to increase income in your soul-led business is...

  1. Work on your money mindset - align your frequency. Get help from a qualified NLP Practitioner (Like me!) to assist your reprogramming.

  2. Know your streams of income - what is working and what could be improved or let go of?

  3. Look for the gaps between desire and reality and see how you can fill those gaps by adjusting the levers available to you.

If you would like some assistance with this including my 'Clarity Calculations Spreadsheet', to help you balance your business numbers, check out my new Calculation Sensation online course for coaches, consultants, course creators healers, creatives, and spiritual womxn.

It's safe to be soul-led and savvy so have some fun with it!

Sharon Joy xx

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