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How to optimise your Instagram Profile

Get found & Grow your IG audience organically

Profile optimisation is the key to getting found by potential clients who didn't even know you existed! Just like magic, a well optimised IG profile can have you appear at the top of your ideal clients' search and then have them swooning for more!

You see, IG is a bit like a mini-Google these days. It has a search engine that looks for keywords in your name and bio.

Here are the steps to optimising your Instagram profile for searchability and audience and growth:

1. Profile Pic

Use a quality headshot with eyes camera facing, shot from the shoulders up OR an on brand image.

2. Name

Your name + keywords people would use when searching for you, eg. "Business Coach". Add your pronouns too!

3. Bio

Use keywords around your niche and your point of difference. Be sure that your bio has a call to action (CTA) or somehow directs your audience as to what to do next.

4. Link

Don't forget to include a link.... there is no opportunity more wasted than when this link is not working, so be sure it goes somewhere! My preference is always to have a link on my own website - it's great for my own website's SEO rather than sending traffic elsewhere. If you don't have a website, use LinkTree or Milkshake but ideally make your own on your website.

5. Highlights

BTS stories for followers to get to know you. Use branded covers. Archive old highlights often.

6. Grid

Your grid doesn't have to be perfect, in fact in 2022 that's more of a turn-off. (So 2020! LOL) However, you do want to keep your grid consistently on-brand so that your posts are recognisable and stand out as being uniquely you!

7. Hashtags

Hashtags are another way to have the right audience find you since people can follow and search for particular hashtags. Use hashtags for your niche in your captions (or comments if you run out of characters). Keep groups of hashtags specific to one niche.

8. Username

Sometimes known as 'handle'. Ideally, keep it the same handle as your other social media channels and your website domain.

Instagram profile optimisation is a little effort for a lot of reward! Spend the time getting it on point and don't just set and forget. Pop it on your to-do list to re-visit it every so often.

Need some help? My SOULiD™ Membership is the perfect place to learn all about soulful marketing strategies to help you grow your audience and your soul-led business.

Happy optimising! ✨ Xx

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