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Is it time to write an "I help" statement and what to write

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

There is often resistance towards writing an I help statement. It usually stems from fear….

Fear of being put in a box

Fear of making a declaration

Fear of commitment

Fear that if you don't talk to everyone that you won’t get enough clients (#helloscarcitystory!)

Fear that what if the people you say you’re for don’t come!

But what is not writing one actually costing you?

It means you’re pretty much for anyone and everyone and not willing to make a promise about what you’re going to do for your clients…. And you expect them to pay you? (Just sit with that thought for a moment)

I want you to know that there is NOTHING WRONG with your resistance towards doing this AT ALL.

I’ve been there.

In the early, experimental phase of my business I didn’t feel called to commit to who I was for and what I did for them. I knew I was making an impact but it took time for me to experience different things before making those kinds of decisions. I see this as a crucial part of my journey and I know it is a crucial part of yours.

I want you to know that income has NOTHING to do with this. This experimental phase of my business had me exceed $10K months.

I encourage every single new soulful business woman to test who they’re for, the results they’re achieving with their clients and their message before committing to any of this stuff.

So, how did I know when it was time?

I found myself working with clients who weren’t fully aligned. It wasn’t lighting me up. The timing was off, they were at a different point on their journey compared to the women I was making huge gains with. They felt frustrated and so did I. I wanted to call in more of the same clients who lit me up and who were at the point in their journey where I knew I was able to help them make radical transformation.

I was finding it harder to produce content because I wasn’t sure what to say or who I was talking to. Everything felt random and loose. Zero clarity, zero strategy and therefore zero alchemy. (The universe doesn’t deliver unless we know exactly what we’re asking for and take some action!)

I was dropping offers left, right and centre. Spaghetti flying everywhere and I felt like a hamster on a never ending spinning wheel.

Sound familiar?

If you have strong, icky feelings coming up about committing to who you’re for and what your promise to them is, PLEASE STOP HERE, don’t read onto the next paragraph. Love where you are at on your journey and return to it without going further down this rabbit hole. Keep exploring, testing and reflecting on who you serve most powerfully, what transformations are being made. When it drops in that it’s time to commit, only you will know. Come back and visit this again then, Sister. If you are feeling foggy and ready to get clear, ready to become unstuck and ready to roll up your sleeves, ready to commit and declare then please read on….

You’ve had enough clients now to know A. Who you have the most impact on and B. What that impact actually is. You are ready to make a solid commitment to call in more of THOSE people.

So why not shout it from the rooftops to call in even MORE people just like them?

I get that it’s not sexy but writing an “I help…..” statement is the difference between being able to articulate what you *ACTUALLY* do and who you’re for so your people can understand it versus not being able to. It’s transformational in that you can tell a stranger what you do in a sentence. If it takes more than a sentence to describe then it’s likely that your message is going to sound like white noise… even if you’re talking to your ideal client.

Here are some tips to help you if you're ready to level up...

Think about 3-5 clients on whom you’ve had the most profound impact (what were their needs? why did they choose you? What was their tangible transformation? Be very specific). Then think about who you most enjoyed working with (They’re very likely the same group of clients!- #hellosoulmate).

Thinking about this, consider what values, desires and frustrations of those clients are in alignment with yours? Sharing the same values and desires makes them soulmate clients. You are going to enjoy working with people who are in alignment with you. It’s one of the beautiful things about having a soulful business.

Once you’ve spent time working through this, experiment with these templates to write your “I help…” statement. Ask your favourite clients which one resonates most with them... that will give you a clue as to which one is most likely to stick.

I help (people you help)______________________________, (achieve desired result or transformation)_________________________ so that they can (eliminated frustration)__________________________.

I help (people you help)______________________________, (achieve desired result or transformation)_________________________ without the (frustration)__________________________.

I help (who you serve)______________________________, (what tangible thing you help them achieve)_________________________ so that they can (insert outcome/desire)__________________________.

I hope you find this helpful. If you did then please give it a share.

If you are keen to dive in deeper then I'd love to give you my free Notes to Niching Workbook that I made for soul biz women who are ready to get clear. You can grab your copy HERE.

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