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Seasons of selling and of service

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Some coaches will have you believe that in business your income goes up and up and up every month... 5-figure months, 6-figure months, 7-figure months ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ.... You know the types, we've all seen them and likely all followed them at some stage too.

I'm here to tell you that unless you're a unicorn, constant monthly increases is all BS.

If you're new in your coaching, consulting, healing or spiritual business or you've been spending a lot of time hanging out with 'those' kind of coaches online then I'm here to share a message of truth with you. I hope it will bring you comfort that your business is in fact like any other regular business. It's not realistic to anticipate that your income will increase month on month. You'll be left feeling very defeated if you buy into that belief and I want to explain to you why....

Just like any other business, in soul-led business there are seasons.

Seasons of selling and seasons of service. Seasons of visioning and seasons of alchemising. These seasons will mean that your income is likely to be higher during a season of selling and alchemising vs season of service and visioning. For me, the seasons of service and visioning allow me to step back from the selling and doing and allow me to nourish my soul with serving my people and leaning into the direction in which my soul is calling me.

What you can expect is that if you're getting the right support in your business, creating the things your people want and need, standing where they can see you and speaking to their souls, that your income should be increasing OVER TIME. The aim is to build a solid foundation that becomes robust enough so that your average monthly income increases.

When I reflect on the growth in my business and specifically look at income, I measure it over the last 3 months/90 days and compare that to the previous quarter.

As a servant leader, the seasons of service are deeply fulfilling for me. Don't get me wrong, I love selling too, however I sure as sh*t don't want to be on the frontline selling everyday. Pretty sure my people don't want that of me either! Serving is definitely my soul business. It's the season that I get to do my life's work.

I want to also mention the season of deep personal growth is a season that I typically find leads to an increase in income but also outgoing expenses in my business. These expenses usually include investment in myself (my biggest expense), outsourced support, subscriptions for digital tools, graphic design etc. Something to be aware of and expect that you'll feel this too.

You may be on the cusp and the income isn't quite landing yet but you can feel it coming. This is the green light to take the leap to you can soar higher. It can be scary investing in yourself at higher levels or invest in support for your business or new tools but here's the thing... what will NOT investing in these things cost you?

Come to be at peace with the seasons in your business. Flow with them and trust that if you're doing all the things the cycle will keep coming around.

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