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Tech mindset tips for business growth

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

How's your relationship with technology?

For most of my clients, it's one of the main things that they wrestle with on the daily.

Having the right tech hardware and apps is a great start for creating ease and flow in business but having the right tech mindset is what's really going to see you grow your business faster. Having your tech set up properly is also critical!

As entrepreneurs, we do hard things... often. We do things that stretch and challenge us in new ways and embrace the learning that we receive along the way. That means that we know that there is a Youtube how-to video for everything and a Facebook support group for whichever popular application we choose.

Not upgrading systems or investing in new technologies or a fully functional website is likely slowing your business down. Tradies can't work without the right tools, and neither can digital entrepreneurs. They can also be a great way to save time and money by bringing automation into your business.

Being across it will allow you to outsource more confidently, putting you in the picture to call the shots knowing that things are as they should be - again saving time and money.


  • You spend a lot of time trying to access apps and get the spinning wheel of death on screen

  • Your laptop is more than 3 years old if a PC or 6 years old if it's a Mac

  • Your phone is more than 3 years old

  • You spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks (sending the same emails, onboarding/offboarding etc)

  • Clients have difficulty accessing programs or booking links etc

  • Your calendars aren't talking seamlessly between each other

  • You have analysis paralysis every time you go to start something techy and get stuck

Tech is covered in the 7th SOULiD Pillar, being the CONTINGENCY Pillar. We spend a lot of time during fortnightly coaching calls talking about tech systems in my SOULiD™ Membership, helping coaches and healers in the early stages of their soul-led business to get their tech sorted so be sure to check SOULiD™ out via the links below.

You can also grab a free copy of my 'Systems in your biz continuum' outlining which systems you need now, which systems you may change to in the future and the systems I recommend and when it might be time to implement them.

If you're still at odds with tech, make some love to it!

There may be times where tech is a headache but spend time shifting to a positive tech mindset and ironing out the techno kinks will mean make your life and business so much easier in the long run and best of all, will see your business growing faster!

SOULiD™ Membership

Systems in your business freebie

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