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The importance of a clear vision + how to get one

Have you ever been told to get clear on your vision and then been left wondering why and how?

I know that's how I felt right at the beginning of my personal development journey. I was asked to throw down my vision so I declared some big audacious dreams, only to find myself feeling like I was a complete failure when I wasn't hitting any of them.

Was I doing it all wrong? Hell No!

I had proven by that stage that I was already a master manifester, having manifested many wonderful things in my life, such as landing a full-time teaching job straight from uni, buying my first home at 21, marrying my soul mate, getting promotions at work, new cars, nice caravans, the list goes on!

Turns out that I was better at getting clear and manifesting than I thought!

So what was different? The gap I noticed was when I had previously been on a manifesting mission, I had clear DREAMABLE GOALS and I had clear DOABLE GOALS.

My more distant vision or 'dreamable' goals may have felt like pie in the sky at the time, but I was bolstering them with smaller, more 'doable' goals which edged me closer to my more distant desires. With the fulfillment of each doable goal, I was able to eventually bring dreamable goals within reach.

Without clarity, none of this would have been possible. Knowing where we want to head provides us with a mud map with a path on which we can start to take our first steps. The destination may not necessarily end up where we expect but with each forward step, we have a chance at getting closer to bring our vision to life. Our clear vision also spurs on our motivation so that we are able to continue on with increased levels of ease and joy despite some of the bumps along the way.

Intentionally applying strategies to help me to get clearer sooner has afforded me quantum leaps in manifesting visions.

Here are some of my favourites for you to try:


Spending time daydreaming, simply taking time out on a regular basis to just be with your thoughts and dreams.


Write down in great detail what your perfect day looks like. Be sure to write in present or past tense (not future). Remember our subconscious can't differ between imagined and real experiences, so the more detail the better.

#3 - action

Take micro-steps by looking at the small things that you can change in your current reality that will put you that bit closer to achieving what you truly desire.

#4 - Values

Ensure your vision is in alignment with your personal values. If you don't know what your personal values are, spend time sitting with the question of what you value. If you need help doing this (and you're not broken if you do!) a certified Master NLP Practitioner such as myself can help you to reveal yours.

#5 - GIFTS

Leverage your natural gifts and talents. Think of this as the things that people often tell you that you're good at. Knowing your Human Design, star sign, Starseed and other modalities can also help to reveal your gifts.

Getting clear is worth every minute of your time

No matter what journey you're on, having a clear vision of what you truly desire and being clear about taking the next step is only going to result in more powerful manifestation of your dreamable goals.

Sharon Joy ✨ Xx

PS> Book a Transform 90min 1:1 session with 1 week of follow-up support to help you get clear or reveal your personal values.

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