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Winter in your soul-led business

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As the season of winter turns, so does my focus on my vision for the next 12 months in my business.

Winter is a wonderful season for instrospection, for rest, reflection and vision. It's also a season to allow new ideas to come in. These new ideas are the seeds that will bloom in the months to come.

If we simply ponder them and let them go, they are lost. For this reason, it's a time of year I set the intention to pause, dream, look forward and set intentions for actions into the next year ahead.

Whilst I'm usually most focused on the next 3-months, I use the month of June to focus further forward being the next financial year. This not only feels soul nourishing to me at this time of year, it's also very practical and strategic. #unapologetic

I use winter to pause, vision into how I want my business to look a year from now and then loosely map out the road in that direction. If you've been here a while then you know that I believe in a having a balance of both strategy and alchemy. I believe in manifestation and trust, that everything will work out the way it's meant to. But I also believe that the universe delivers what we ask for.... No ask, no deliverance.

So a mud map in the direction of my dreams just makes sense. I set the intention and the universe fills in the gaps. It's the magic and the tactic.

One of the other great benefits of pausing to look ahead over the next year is that I can then map out the seasons of selling and the seasons of service. Knowing when I will be in seasons of selling and serving helps me to form that solid foundation that safeguards my income over time so I no longer find myself in an unhealthy cycle of feast and famine.

Here are my tips for making the most of the season of winter and in particular the month of June:

  • Journal on: "What will my business look like 12 months from now if nothing was holding me back?"

  • Consider each areas of your business and where you're heading in each area in the next year.

Use my 8 clarity pillars to help you do this:

  1. Connect to vision: See my journal prompt above

  2. Calendar: Plan for timely reflection. What will look back on and when?

  3. Clients: Consider your visibility- where do you need to be so your soulmate clients can find you? Also consider what they want and need that you can help them with.

  4. Calculations: Money is energy. Treat it well and it will come back to you. Treat it badly and it won't. How can you respect and treat your money better?

  5. Contribution: Which offers do you need to bring fourth? What are you people wanting from you that would feel amazing to deliver? What's your legacy?

  6. Content: What can you create that will be everlasting and land you in front of your soulmate clients?

  7. Contingency: Definitely one of the less sexy pillars for most soul-led businesswomen but my question to you is... if you want to grow your business and you don't have the systems to serve 20 people, how will you serve 200 or 2000? What systems need attention? Which ducks do you need to get in a row to safeguard the future growth of your business? A clue is: systems, processes, team, legals

  8. Commitment: A plan that is a safety net for you if it gets too much. How can you stay committed to your dreams and manage your energy at the same time?

I'll be hosting a Vision Workshop on 24th June. If you'd like the details please ensure you've subscribed to my email list and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

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