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I say it all the time... Your network is your networth!

This one has been brewing in me for some time but it has to be said.... growing an audience right now isn't easy!

Facebook groups don't get the traction they used to and even though they're a great way to grow your reach, even Reels aren't as effective as they were in 2021. Starting from ground zero is a long game.

There is one easy way to grow your audience and your sales right now that is far easier and more effective than content marketing... and it starts with the quality of your connections....

It's collaborations and partnerships!

More than ever before, the company you keep can help you grow as a person and also grow as an entrepreneur.... so choose wisely!

I have a lot more to say about this (standby for the podcast drop on this one!) but on the whole, I see authentic collaborations and partnerships as the fastest way to grow your audience right now.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing women who are totally aligned through programs and podcasting which has not only helped me grow my audience but my income.

So how does it start....?

The majority of aligned connections I have made which have led to collaborations and partnerships, generating audience growth and considerable income started in PAID MEMBERSHIPS AND PROGRAMS. Not free Facebook groups or local connections but places where I made a conscious choice to invest my time and money and so did they.

These were genuine connections that I have made through common-interest paid memberships. Other women, who, like me, are invested in their personal and business growth.

These relationships have flourished naturally and we both benefit from the connection and have been able to cross-refer and partner on projects in order to enrich the lives and businesses of our audiences and clients.

It's beautiful business at its best! Being a solopreneur can be lonely but having colleagues you can connect and partner with makes you feel like you're not alone on this journey and there are only winners!

I can say with confidence that partnerships have easily afforded me in excess of $10K in new business in the past couple of months, with many of these new clients seemingly coming out of nowhere....


Quite simply, the fact that someone that they already know, like and trust put me in front of them some serious carries weight.

Here's how you can get a piece of this...

I'm so certain that this is the way forward that I am adding regular networking, and speed dating sessions in SOULiD® so that my members can connect and see how they may be able to work together.

Unlike many paid business memberships I've been in, I keep the niche of SOULiD® tight... this is no accident! It's so we can go deep within the coaching, healing and parenting, birthing, post-partum and matrescence niche. There are other womxn in there right now ready to collaborate with you.

If you're ready to find genuine connections and partnerships where collaboration reigns over the competition, then I invite you to take a look at SOULiD®

I'm standing by to help you get started right now!

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