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Zoom tips for Coaches & Online Entrepreneurs

Do you find Zoom confusing?

It's normal for people moving into online entrepreneurship to feel nervous about whether they've set Zoom up correctly.

Settings are unique and personal to each individual but these are some of the settings that I use and suggest to coaches, healers and consultants who serve clients online.

1. Personal Link

Create a Personal Link that you always use so your clients can save it somewhere and use the same link every time

2. Security

Turn off the passcode for easy access and instead create a waiting room so you authorise each participant to enter

3. Mute Settings

Ensure that participants are muted on entry (turn video off too!)

4. Waiting Room

Create an ‘on brand’ waiting room using your own words to let your participants know they're in the right place

5. Profile Pic

Add your profile pic to your Zoom account (not a pic of your dog or a flower 😉)

6. Name & Pronouns

Add your name/s and be more inclusive by adding your pronouns. Add your business name if you wish but first names will always make it more personal

7. Screensharing

If you need your clients or guest presenters to share their screens on occasions, turn this feature on so you don't have to approve it every time

8. Recordings

When sharing a recording, download and save the “speaker view with screen share” to avoid sharing a link where others can be seen.

A couple of other things to note...

👉 Yes, there are other ways of meeting face to face online but Zoom is my preferred app

👉 Some booking system integrations, such as Dubsado can mess with these settings. If there are problems, ditch the integration and just share your personal link with clients and associate as part of your standard booking automation.

Using these simple settings will ensure that your clients don't feel frustrated every time they try to access a session with you, making for easeful flow and connection. They will also ensure that your sessions run smoothly without unnecessary interruptions.

Happy Zooming!

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