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 Business + Mindset Coaching


 for COACHES, Healers &
soulful consultants

 With every season in life, we get the chance to level up and become a better version of ourselves ... if we choose. 
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My biggest level-ups in life have come when I've had skin in the game.

By that I mean I've solidly committed myself to my transformation - energetically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.


It's become part of who I am and what I do.

I've walked the path from tired to inspired and from stuck to successful but not without seeking the support of the right people at the right time.


Now I'm here to help those who are ready and aligned, make big shifts in their business, with equal measures of magic and tactic.

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 Who is it for? 

I'm definitely not a mentor for the masses and I don't try to be, but it's likely that if you've found yourself here then you're feeling called in some way to find out more about working with me. 

My clients are generally femme coaches, healers and consultants doing impactful and soul-led work in the world. They usually have a newly established business or have decided they're ready to turn their hobby business into a full-time salary-paying career. They work in the health, wellness, spiritual, parenting and birthing industries.


I apply deep intuition, strategic life + business coaching as well as NLP and mindset support, helping clients refine what they want to create in their life, who they're here to serve, what they offer, and their message.

If you're not sure, I warmly invite you to reach out to me for a chat to see if we're a good fit.

 What can I get help with? 

There are many things we can work on during a 1:1 Coaching Session or Series.


Typically this may be:

  • getting clear about the new phase in which you're about to embark in life and business

  • getting crystal clear about your business including who you're for, what you do for them and what you offer using my 8 Clarity Pillars,

  • soulful planning and project management (pulling it all together)

  • accountability to help you achieve your goals

  • mindset to help you overcome limiting beliefs

  • increasing confidence

  • managing anxiety

  • overcome phobias

  • improve motivation & habits

  • time mastery

  • personal branding

  • content strategy

  • launching with love, and

  • systems to help you grow


We will discuss your aspirations for our time together and for a coaching series, we will create a flexible plan. I understand the need for feminine flow and so the plan we set might end up looking quite different and that's ok. You're in the driver's seat and I'm your co-pilot - you set the pace.


We will explore how you can best balance business and life. I have a deep understanding that your life and your business are interrelated. You are living life by design or wanting to and we work together to find the balance and flow that you seek.

 Coaching Packages 

 1:1 one-off session + follow up

A one-off 90min session to help you get clear, nut out a specific plan or receive therapy to clear mental blocks, manage anxiety, eliminate procrastination and other self sabotaging behaviours.

Receive 7 days of follow-up support via Voxer voice messaging app.


 #VIP Days 

6 Hour, 1 day intensive

Prepare to be a VIP for a day!


1:1 business coaching offering designed to help you get your business strategy kickstarted! Plug into her energy, strap in, it's quit a ride!



3 OR 6 month all-inclusive packages

Tenacious is the VIP of working with me!

Receive 3 or 6-months support to dive deeper and go further, faster.

Includes 6 or 12 x 1:1 60min sessions & Voxer messenger support Monday-Friday.

3-months $3,333 AUD
6-months $4,997AUD

Payment plans available

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Julie Tenner - Intimacy & Relationship Coach.jpg

Working with Sharon has changed my life, literally.


I’ve gone from hustle and an unsustainable business model to a sustainable and scalable model - that she’s walked me through one step at a time to build, so it has never felt overwhelming.


Her dedication to top quality, client-centric, service is second to none. I have always felt held, supported and guided in every way I’ve needed to scale to a multiple six-figure business.


Thank you Sharon! I adore you!

Julie Tenner

Mother of 4, Author, Speaker & Coach

Intimacy + Relationship



 Master neurolinguistic programming practitioner 
The Institute of Applied Psychology

"I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Sharon in an advanced training and was impressed with her knowledge, her demeanor, and her commitment to helping her coaching clients. After twenty years in the field, I know the difference between those who talk and those who do. It is heartening to know that people Sharon firstly exit, but secondly, have found their calling."


Director and Lead Trainer

The Institute of Applied Psychology

ISPA: International Strategic Psychotherapists Association
Sharon Joy Certified Soul Modes Mentor
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Working with Sharon was really beautiful!

She really held me and listened to all of me, not only for business but through some really rough personal stuff. She is so inclusive and really gives her all in wanting to see you succeed whatever that looks like for you.

She provided MANY useful tools and resources throughout our time together to help with clarity and breaking things down into more bite size bits so you could really see what was most important.

Highly recommend getting in the energy of Sharon, she is a powerhouse of information!

Amy Lyall

Empress of Light

Sharon Joy Business Coach
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 Are you ready to level up? 
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