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Business + Mindset Coaching
for Soul-led Women



With every season in life, we get the chance to level up and become a better version of ourselves ... if we choose.
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My biggest level-ups in life have come when I've had skin in the game.

By that I mean I've solidly committed myself to my transformation - energetically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.


It's become part of who I am and what I do.

I've walked the path from tired to inspired and from stuck to successful but not without seeking the support of the right people at the right time.


Now I'm here to help those who are ready and aligned, make big shifts in their business, with equal measures of magic and tactic.

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Who is it for?

I'm definitely not a mentor for the masses and I don't try to be, but it's likely that if you've found yourself here then you're feeling called in some way to find out more about working with me. 

My clients are generally female coaches, consultants, creatives, intuitives, healers, and various kinds of virtual assistants doing impactful and soul-led work in the world. They usually have new or established businesses or experience in the same or another industry but want to up-level or pivot their business or career.


I apply deep intuitive, strategic business + mindset support, helping them refine who they're for, what they offer and their message to powerfully call in more of their soul mate clients and turn their start-up into a profit or grow their already established business with solid foundations. 

If you're not sure, I warmly invite you to reach out to me for a chat to see if we're a good fit.

What can I get help with?

There are many things we can work on during a 1:1 Coaching Session or Series.


Typically this may be:

  • getting crystal clear about who you're for and what you offer using my 8 Clarity Pillars,

  • soulful planning and project management (pulling it all together),

  • mindset,

  • confidence,

  • branding,

  • content strategy,

  • launching with love, and

  • systems to help you grow.


We will discuss your aspirations for our time together and for a coaching series, we will create a flexible plan. As a Certified Soul Modes® Mentor I understand the need for feminine flow and so the plan we set might end up looking quite different and that's ok. You're in the driver's seat and I'm your co-pilot.


We work with your rhythms as we go.


We will likely explore how you can best balance business, life and personal wellness in order for life and business to feel good. Holistic coaching is how I roll. I have a deep understanding that your life and business are one and the same. You are living life by design and we work together to find the balance and flow that you seek.

Coaching Packages

1:1 one-off session + follow up support for new clients

A one-off 90min session to pick my brains, get some clarity or nut out a specific plan.

Receive 7 days of follow-up support via Voxer voice messaging app.



3 OR 6 month all-inclusive packages

Tenacious is the VIP of working with me!

Receive 3 or 6-months support to dive deeper and go further, faster.

Includes 6 or 12 x 1:1 60min sessions & unlimited Voxer

3-months $1,888AUD
6-months $3,488AUD




A one-off 60min session to refine, revisit and re-invigorate followed by 7 days Voxer! 

For returning clients booking an appointment before 23 December 2021.

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Working with Sharon was really beautiful!

She really held me and listened to all of me, not only for business but through some really rough personal stuff. She is so inclusive and really gives her all in wanting to see you succeed whatever that looks like for you.

She provided MANY useful tools and resources throughout our time together to help with clarity and breaking things down into more bite size bits so you could really see what was most important.

Highly recommend getting in the energy of Sharon, she is a powerhouse of information!

Amy Lyall

Empress of Light

Soul Modes



As a Certified Soul Modes® Mentor I will guide to you identify and work with your natural energetic cycle to get through all the things on your plate without the overwhelm or hustle.  

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Sharon Joy Certified Soul Modes Mentor
Yoga Mums Fitness
Sharn Watts
Yoga Mums Fitness

I've absolutely loved working with Sharon for the past 6 months. She has so much passion, energy and authenticity. Sharon has really helped me to show up more online and feel confident doing so, she has helped set plans for launches and take my business to the next level. Sharon is also very understanding that life continuously happens around whatever we do in business which is so important as a Mum.

Love your travels
Stacey Morris
Love Your Travels
Love Shack Giftware

Sharon has been a fantastic mentor for me and my business. Someone I can reach out to and talk to. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her.

She is determined to reach her goals and aspires to help others. A person I am very grateful for.

Aspiring Adventurers
Natasha Smith
Aspiring Adventurers

Sharon is passionate about helping you succeed and can see your vision. I love how she has helped us transform our business in a way that is perfectly aligned with our needs and the message we are looking to put out into the WORLD, we can't wait for everyone to see what we have been up to.

Sharon Joy Business Coach
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