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Tenacious Coaching


Being tenacious means failure simply isn't  in your vocabulary
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This is for people who want to go further, faster! You and your big dreams, me and my spotlight. Pack your bags and get your skates on, this is going to be an energetic ride like no other! Big shifts, "A-ha's" and "Hell yes'!' are sure to happen! 


If you're feeling called to reach higher in your soul-led business, here's a way to put some serious skin in the game! 

My biggest level-ups have always come when I've invested- energetically, emotionally, spiritually, financially. Having mentors to help me with strategy, mindset and unpacking the limiting beliefs I've held has been vital in my transcendence. I will be that person for you. We will go together, you will lead the way but I have your back.

Get help with: planning, mindset, strategy, clarity, content marketing, social media, offers, streamlining of systems and launching.


It's where we put strategy, alchemy and soul together to help you move the needle in an intensive 3 or 6-month energetic exchange! 

#Tenacious is the VIP of working with me

Here’s what you’ll get…​


  • A FREE 20min 1:1 Discovery Call before you decide to opt-in to make sure that we are a good fit and the timing is right- this is a serious investment of your time and your money. I want us to both be sure that I'm the best person to coach you at this time. Your success is my success! 

  • 6 or 12 x 60min 1:1 sessions via Zoom focussed on your individual goals, needs and priorities to be booked and used within our 3 or 6 months timeframe (dependant upon whether you select 3 or 6 months)

  • Recordings of our session so you don't have to worry about taking pages of notes and can look back at what we discussed

  • Access to your own personal coaching portal where session notes, actionables and resources will be added after each session giving you the tools you need between sessions

  • Support in between sessions via voxer audio messenger app, giving you unrivalled, personalised support

  • Access to the following online evergreen programs: Desire Workshop, Live & Loving It, Savvy and BIG BANG Branding (Total value $300)

  • A hard copy of Soul Modes (Value $22) or welcome gift for those who already own a copy

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Additional 30min calls sessions as you require, $88AUD

This is for you if…


  • You are a coach, consultant, creative, healer or spiritual entrepreneur

  • You want 1:1 support in your soul-led business including planning, strategy, clarity, content marketing, social media, offers, launching

  • You want to create an online program

  • You want to improve your understanding of social media and content marketing

  • You want support with setting up and streamlining your business systems

  • You can sense you're on the brink of a big shift but not sure what to do next

  • You're willing to be coachable and take on feedback

$1,888 AUD for 3 months

$3,488 AUD for 6 months


or on one of the following 3 0r 6-month payment plans

3 x monthly instalments of $650AUD ($1,950AUD total)
6 x monthly instalments of $600 ($3,600 total)
Are you ready?


Onboarding NOW for SEPTEMBER 2021 Start!


Rebecca Ross Sacred Biz

When I started working with Sharon Joy I immediately had a flow of energy moving forward with my business. Not only with branding & social media support BUT clarification about WHO I AM and WHAT my MESSAGE is.

This has helped me to really refine and define my offerings.

Sharon has such a knack of really seeing you, and giving you permission to LIVE that. She's all about helping you become the next level version of YOU and sharing that with the world.

I will continue to work with Sharon as I move forward with my business.

Her support has been invaluable.

Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross Sacred Biz

Energy Healer, Yogi, Intuitive Coach